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WASHINGTON, D.C., February 25, 2013
You might call it Workplace Giving, Version 2.0,
according to a new trends report about the changes
taking place for the once staid initiatives to connect
employees to the nonprofit sector. The report, released
on this International Corporate Philanthropy Day,
highlights how digital technology is allowing employees
to get more involved than ever before.
America’s Charities
Snapshot: Trends and Strategies
to Engage Employees in Greater Giving
also found
that annual workplace giving campaigns are being
transformed by younger workers with new ideas and
the need for more engagement between employers and
employees. This is America’s Charities third report in
the last 13 years about the $3 billion dollars employees
donate on the job each year to worthy nonprofits.
Nearly 100 companies participated in the survey of
attitudes, perceptions and practices within the private
sector. Participating companies employ more than 1.4
million people, represent more than 20 industry groups,
and are geographically diverse. Collectively, they raise
more than $230 million through traditional employee
giving campaigns.
“We’re pleased to be able to present these findings
on International Corporate Philanthropy Day, an
international advocacy day intended to build awareness
of corporate-community partnerships and to inspire
businesses around the world to engage further. Our
research goes a long way toward helping both the
corporate and nonprofit sectors find ways to capitalize
on the digital transformation and engage employees in
greater giving,” says Steve Delfin, President and CEO,
America’s Charities.
The trends identified in
highlight what will
be important for the corporate and nonprofit sectors to
address in the years ahead:
Companies and organizations are committed:
They continue to recognize the benefits of a strong
employee giving program with branded initiatives that
offer choice and increase engagement.
New engagement strategies:
Employers are
creating new giving models to involve and engage
employees, particularly younger employees.
Technology and digital culture:
Technology and
digital culture are transforming the employee giving
Paradigm shift at hand:
A paradigm shift is taking
place—a new model is emerging that empowers
employees to participate in the giving experience
inside and outside the walls of the workplace.
Workplace Giving Gets a Makeover,
According to New Report That Examines
Digital and Generational Changes
Report Provides Employers with Trends and Best Practices on International
Corporate Philanthropy Day
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