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More encouraging news is that two-thirds of companies
surveyed offer matching payroll contributions—a 58%
increase since 2006. This is especially notable given
the economic stress corporate America has been
under since the financial collapse.
More than 80% of survey respondents agreed or
strongly agreed that their company is committed to
a strong program and that employee giving is still a
The survey also found that giving has increased at
a majority of companies but employee participation
rates are down at nearly half of them. Experts say
this is a sign that those who are already involved feel
very comfortable but more needs to be done to get
additional workers to that level.
The full Snapshot report is available at:
America’s Charities is a mission-driven organization
that connects public and private sector employers with
charities to engage employees in greater giving. As a
national proponent for effective employee engagement
programs, we help the nation’s most trusted charities
thrive by generating sustainable income through
workplace giving. Our goal is to inspire employers
and individuals to reach their philanthropic goals and
support the charities of their choice.
Digital Culture and Employee Engagement:
A Shift from Tactics to Strategy
n the Fall of 2013 in beautiful
offices of the Fairfax County
Chamber of Commerce in Virginia,
we were 90 percent through a terrific
panel discussion on the changing
nature of charity, corporate social responsibility, and
society. There was a lot of discussion of generational
change and what today’s corporate workers want
from a career (after a steady paycheck, that is). And
my fellow panelists and I covered collective impact,
community partnerships and storytelling in public
But as the final questions wrapped it up, I realized
there was one topic that hadn’t been discussed much
during the session, and it surprised me. The topic was
social media. (See page 5 for event details.)
The panel was entitled
My fellow speakers included Debra
Snider, vice president of operations for GuideStar;
Emily Simone, director of global community outreach
for Lockheed Martin, and Steve Greenhalgh, senior
advisor to America’s Charities and author of the incisive
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