America's Charities Consolidated Annual Report - page 22

Staff Perspectives
New People Strategies for a
34-Year-Old Organization
by Arnold Swope, Executive Vice President and
Chief People Strategy Officer
Over the past year, America’s Charities
Board of Directors made a commitment
to invest in one of its most valuable
resources — staff. The development
of People Strategies grew out of that
commitment and is a comprehensive human resources
program which includes the following components:
Talent Acquisition; Staff Training, Professional
Development and Performance Management; Core
Values and Core Competencies.
“Our core values encourage us to not
only embrace change, but to be at the
forefront of that change.”
These strategies are designed to ensure the
organization attracts and retains talented employees
who possess the skills and professional competences
aligned with America’s Charities core values. Further,
to ensure the organization meets the needs of it key
stakeholders — charities, employers and donors — it is
imperative that personnel and resources are utilized in
the most effective manner.
As part of this focus, America’s Charities developed
new core values that will guide the organization and
guide the investment in staff in meeting customer
From my perspective and history with the organization,
these changes in America’s Charities will allow the
organization to operate at its fullest potential by
allowing staff to do their best work. Highly engaged
employees are more likely to exceed expectations,
increase customer satisfaction and revenue growth
in an environment aligned with their values and
An Organization Willing to Create
New Core Values
by Sarah Ford, Associate Marketing Manager
Being part of the team that developed
America’s Charities new core values
was exciting because it was a way to
put those new values into action right
from the start. Our senior leadership
and board could have easily created the new core
values themselves, but instead, they entrusted that
opportunity to a diverse group of staff from all different
ranks and departments. It was that collaborative effort
that resulted in buy-in from everyone, along with a solid
set of core values — and core competencies really —
that will serve as the framework for our organization to
achieve its mission.
While we know Millennials want to be involved in new
and engaging ways, I don’t know that it’s solely a
‘Millennial’ trait. Having the opportunity to contribute
to an organization’s mission — and ultimately its
successes — is important to me because it gives
meaning to my work. I don’t feel like I’m coming in
each day to complete a bunch of random tasks or to
meet a bunch of deadlines; I feel like everything that I’m
doing is actually contributing to something truly great;
something that will help others.
The great thing about our new set of core values is
not just that they reflect who we are and what we
believe, but they are manifold: Culture of collaboration
and excellence; dedication to diversity and integrity;
and commitment to engagement and connectivity.
If we hold ourselves accountable (individually and
as an organization) to these values, we will thrive
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