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and succeed regardless of what challenges and
opportunities our rapidly evolving industry presents.
Really, our core values encourage us to not only
embrace change, but to be at the forefront of that
change. If we can do that, we can’t fail.
Organizational Strategies in a
Changing Environment
by Barbara Funnell, Senior Vice President and
Chief Administrative Officer
Federal employees are very generous in
their support of charitable organizations,
and the CFC remains a major source
of revenue for most of our member
charities. In 2013 the biggest challenge
to public sector employee giving was a proposed
set of major changes to the regulations governing
the CFC. America’s Charities led a comprehensive
effort involving many federations and charities to draw
attention to these potentially damaging changes and
to suggest alternative changes to make the campaign
In July, our collective efforts were rewarded with a
hearing on Capitol Hill where our concerns on behalf
of our members were heard, and media coverage took
our message to a broader audience. We are confident,
now that the voices of charities have been heard, that
our continued efforts will have a positive impact on the
campaign. We will continue to advocate on behalf of
our members to help ensure that the CFC remains a
strong and viable source of their unrestricted revenue.
At the same time, we are actively working with private
sector employers to expand the pool of workplace
donors to our members.
“America’s Charities professional and
volunteer leadership is committed to
maintaining the highest standards of
On the private sector side, our research,
, showed clearly that workplace giving has
become part of employers’ broader employee
engagement efforts and corporate social responsibility
programs. Technology is a key part of this change as
charities, donors and employers alike turn increasingly
to social media for information and to spread the word
about their own interests and issues. While seeking
growth in workplace giving, we are also looking beyond
the walls of the workplace and forming strategic
partnerships to promote our members in new and
different ways. At the end of the year, we began to
work closely with GuideStar USA, Independent Sector,
BoardEffect, GrantStation, Catalogue for Philanthropy,
Global Impact and GreatNonprofits to launch the
Snapshot 2014 survey of nonprofits.
In the summer of 2013, the ‘Overhead Myth’
Campaign asked donors to look beyond fundraising
and administrative costs. They invited donors to look
at governance, transparency, leadership and results.
America’s Charities professional and volunteer
leadership is committed to maintaining the highest
standards of governance. (See page 17.) Donors and
volunteers deserve transparency about our operations
and impact, and over the past few years, we enhanced
our website with information including our governance
and financial documents — audit, 990, bylaws. Our
directors are elected by our membership, serve
limited terms, and are annually surveyed and required
to declare any potential conflict of interest. Further,
the organization met the 20 Charity Accountability
Standards of BBB Wise Giving Alliance. (See page 6.)
As an organization, 2013 presented new opportunities
to bring continued value to our member charities,
to bring insights and strategies to the private sector
Snapshot 2013
and the transformation of
workplace giving and employee engagement, and
strengthen our work to bring charities and employers
together to grow giving.
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