America's Charities Consolidated Annual Report - page 24

“Save the CFC” Campaign to
Ensure a Viable Future for Giving
in the Federal Workplace
by Robyn Neal, Director, Member and
Campaign Services
America’s Charities represents its
members in over 300 public sector
campaigns nationwide, including
the CFC. As part of this work and
in keeping with our core values of
collaboration and excellence, we take on many key
roles, including that of consultant, advisor, campaign
liaison and partner. Public sector campaigns are heavily
regulated and each campaign is unique. The funds our
member charities receive from employees who work in
federal, state and local public sector jobs are the most
sought after and valuable, as they are the unrestricted
“keep the lights on” dollars.
America’s Charities was established in 1980 and from
its very beginning, the organization worked on behalf
of charity members to obtain equal access and a level
playing field for participating in public sector workplace
giving campaigns. This role in working on behalf of our
members is part of our heritage. America’s Charities
works to preserve and support this vital source of
revenue for our members.
“In 2013, we continued to work
on behalf of our members and look
towards the future and find ways to
revitalize and grow the CFC.”
In April 2013, OPM published proposed regulation
changes to the CFC. (See page 4.) While we
supported many of the proposed changes, there were
some that we believed would adversely impact our
members and overall giving. We took immediate action
and launched the
We worked in
partnership with our members and also in collaboration
with a coalition of federations and industry experts to
voice our opposition to key changes and to express our
intent to work in partnership with the OPM to grow and
revitalize the CFC.
Throughout the year, we continued to work on behalf
of our members and look towards the future and find
ways to revitalize and grow the CFC.
The Powerful Relationship
Between a Donor and Charity
by Denise Gustafson, Vice President,
Fiscal Services
The relationship between a donor
and charity is very powerful. They
are united by a common passion;
advocating for human rights, fighting
poverty or curing a debilitating disease.
Like all relationships, trust and honesty are at the
core. Transparency builds the foundation of the
relationship and keeps it strong. If there is a lack of
transparency, doubt creeps in which erodes that trust.
To successfully achieve their goals, the donor and
charity must partner together and have confidence in
their partnership.
Transparency is America’s Charities’ hallmark.
We communicate openly and honestly with all our
stakeholders by proactively providing information
through email notices, reports, and audits. We track
donor and charity requests and follow through until they
are fully satisfied. We take the time to personally meet
member charities or partner companies and ensure
there is complete understanding about our services
and any associated costs.
Over the past decade, I’ve noticed some changes
in workplace giving. One in particular has emerged:
each year, more and more employee-donors request to
remain anonymous. This creates a dilemma for a charity
in that they cannot communicate directly to the donor
the full impact the contribution will have. Donors are
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