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able to access a wealth of information about a charity
online, and they use what they find to guide their
charitable giving decisions. Charities need to ensure
that the information shows donors the full scope of their
services and the impact of a donor’s gift.
The Importance of Transparency
and Accountability
by Ann Lee, Senior Fiscal Account Coordinator
With increased expectations for
charities to be transparent and
accountable, it is important they are
completely transparent with financial
data because the donors want to know
their dollars are well invested.
Nonprofit integrity rests upon financial transparency and
accountability. If nonprofits are completely transparent
with their financial data, then they are demonstrating a
commitment to new donor expectations.
“It is important for charities to be
completely transparent with financial
data because donors want to know
their dollars are well invested.”
America’s Charities demonstrates transparency and
accountability to its member charities by being clear
about our fee structure and providing detailed financial
reports. If a member or donor has a question, we
walk them through the reports and explain the costs
associated with our services and solutions.
In my work at America’s Charities, I learned about
workplace giving for the first time. Being a millennial,
I am not sure what has changed or remained the
same over the past decade, but I do think workplace
giving is a great program for employers to provide for
their employees. It gives their employees a chance to
make a collective impact in their community. It is also a
convenient way to give since the deductions are taken
out per paycheck, that way you can give year round to
your charity of choice.
What Employers Expect Future
Campaigns Will Look Like
by Charisse Browner, Business Development
Employers concerned about what their
employee engagement and workplace
giving programs will look like in the
future are very likely to incorporate
some of the key components identified
in America’s Charities’
Employers surveyed understand the changing
environment and are realigning in ways that integrate
corporate goals, employee expectations and
opportunities to grow giving.
Snapshot 2013
elements employers expect to incorporate in future
Payroll Contributions
Matching Gifts
Charity Choice
Key Goals with Leadership Support
Incentives to Participate
Year-Round Giving
Individual Giving Accounts
Opportunities for Employees to Promote the Causes
They Care About
Take note of these three elements – charity choice,
leadership buy-in and matching gifts – because they
will be the keys to successful employee engagement
Employees no longer want to be told where to donate
their hard-earned dollars. Although employees may
frequently get involved in the philanthropic efforts of
their employer, this should not to be confused with
how to build a successful workplace giving program.
Employees are looking for choice and to connect with
causes they care about.
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