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Leadership buy-in is an essential ingredient for any
workplace giving program. It not only demonstrates
a company’s commitment to social responsibility and
to community, it can also be an authentic means to
demonstrate commitment to their employees and the
causes they care about. The success of any workplace
giving program depends on leadership support and
engagement at all levels of an organization.
One element that shows this type of commitment is
corporate matching gifts. Corporate matches are
becoming a central driving force that incentivizes
employees to donate to charities through workplace
giving – nearly two-thirds of employers surveyed
indicate they match employee payroll contributions (a
58% increase since 2006).
When employees know that their CEO and senior
leaders support the program, they will more than likely
will view this as authentic way to become engaged.
America’s Charities Is At The
Forefront of Changes in Workplace
by Claudia Cardwell, Campaign Development
Workplace giving is changing. It is no
longer the once a year designation
that many employees do out of habit,
because it’s easy. Today, it is more of
a movement because employees are
beginning to feel more responsible for causes they care
about. It’s an all-encompassing form of engagement –
giving time, money and expertise.
Employee engagement is becoming the most
important employment differentiator, and it’s what sets
employers apart from the rest. Having the ability to
engage employees via the workplace can be a primary
motivator that fulfills a need that monetary benefits no
longer satisfy. As seen throughout
Snapshot 2013
solutions to fully integrated employee engagement are
now at the forefront of employers’ corporate social
responsibility goals and employment benefits.
By creating an effective employee engagement
program, employers will be rewarded with happier,
more passionate and loyal employees. The benefits
are priceless. So, for employers, having an efficient,
bundled solution is the key to the success of their
workplace engagement program.
America’s Charities has always been a knowledgeable
partner – helping employees connect to a wide
array of charities and helping employers manage
their campaigns efficiently and effectively. With
the vast influx of today’s easy-to-use, customizable
and efficient technology platforms, the importance
of having a partner, like America’s Charities, may
be more important than ever before. We provide a
source of vetted charities and deliver charity content
– success stories and engagement opportunities that
employees seek – all vital to a campaign’s success.
We make it easy for employers and work to maximize
their engagement strategies. This is where America’s
Charities becomes more valuable than ever.
Companies and employees want to engage so they
can connect with causes in a meaningful way. Going
above and beyond and in our everyday roles, America’s
Charities’ employees have the organizational passion to
fill in the blanks and make these important connections.
And, at America’s Charities, we’re focused on bringing
them together.
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