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Serving Our Stakeholders
America’s Charities work throughout the year is
focused on our primary stakeholders – member
charities, private sector employers and donors.
In 2013, America’s Charities applied to over 300
public sector campaigns for our member charities.
This included 160 local campaigns and the overseas
campaign for Federal Government’s Combined
Federal Campaign (CFC) and over 150 state and
local government campaigns. In addition, member
charities were included in more than 250 private sector
For private sector employers, we released our
report. That release corresponded with
our April #GivingUnderTheInfluence event sponsored
by Capital Business and 3BL Media. In addition,
America’s Charities sponsored an October panel
discussion in partnership with the Fairfax County (VA)
Chamber of Commerce.
For donors, we provide a highly accountable and
transparent process to ensure their donations get
to their designated charities in a timely and efficient
We are also becoming a major source of data and
information designed to support more informed giving.
Save the CFC
The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)
published a draft rule in The Federal Register on April
8, 2013. While many of the proposed rule changes
for the CFC had the potential for positive impact,
America’s Charities along with many other charities
voiced significant concerns with specific proposed
rule changes that would, if implemented, dramatically
reduce giving.
America’s Charities launched a
on May 3, 2013 to rally response and action to OPM’s
proposed CFC rule changes. The microsite became
the ‘go to’ site for all things related to proposed CFC
changes. Nearly 1,400 comments were entered into
the public record and over 1,000 stakeholders used the
Save the CFC site for information.
uring the hearing, the
subcommittee requested that the OPM address
specific concerns they had about the proposed rule
change, including the sweeping nature of the proposed
revisions without any details being provided or any
testing. In addition, they requested that OPM form
an advisory committee of industry experts and key
stakeholders to assist with the rulemaking refinement
process, as well as communicate more openly in
response to concerns put forth regarding the proposed
2013 Accomplishments
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