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Snapshot 2013
On International Corporate Philanthropy Day on
February 25, 2013, America’s Charities released its
third original research report in 13 years.
This original
the most
dramatic shift
in employee
giving over the
past decade. It
documented the changing landscape of philanthropy,
digital culture, workplace expectations and
demographic changes that are reshaping the future of
employee giving and engagement.
#GivingUnderTheInfluence 2013
— How Digital Culture is Driving
the Next Generation of Employee
Engagement at Washington Post
Conference Center
Charities convened
Distinguished experts discussed how
shifting employee expectations and the empowering
digital culture are transforming the traditional workplace
giving model into a more engaging experience inside
and outside workplace walls.
Panelists included:
, Vice President
of Digital Strategy, Studio/
Online division, APCO
Tom Watson
President and Founder,
, Founder and
CEO, WholeWhale.
com; and
Heather Lofkin
, National Director of Community Service,
Transforming Employee
Engagement: Understanding How
Digital Culture is Driving the Next
Generation at the Fairfax County
Chamber of Commerce
In conjunction with the Fairfax County Chamber
of Commerce, America’s Charities conducted a
panel discussion called
They discussed changing
employee expectations as our digital culture evolves.
Panelists highlighted the new, emerging models that
empower employees to participate in giving and
volunteering. They discussed changing employee
expectations as our digital culture evolves. They
highlighted the new emergent model that empowers
employees to participate in the giving experience inside
and outside the walls of the workplace. A special
emphasis was placed on the impact these changes are
having on the landscape of workplace giving.
Panelists included:
Debra Snider
, Vice President,
Operations, GuideStar;
Emily Simone
, Director,
Global Community Outreach, Lockheed Martin,
Lockheed Martin;
Tom Watson
, President,; and
Steve Greenhalgh
, Senior
Advisor, America’s Charities.
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