America's Charities Children First Annual Report - page 5

Core Values
America’s Charities success is derived from an
engaged board of directors and a dedicated staff.
Together, our work is guided by our core values, which
we revised and the board approved in 2013. These
three core values guide the organization as it meets the
challenges and opportunities in our sector:
Culture of Collaboration and Excellence:
passionately working together with all stakeholders, we
challenge each other to achieve the highest levels of
professional excellence.
Dedication to Diversity and Integrity:
diversity and delivering the utmost value to our
stakeholders, we believe integrity is the foundation
of our individual and collective actions that drives an
organization of which we are proud.
Commitment to Engagement and Connectivity:
an innovative and empowering spirit, we engage all
stakeholders, and the greater society at large, through
solutions and ideas that shape social responsibility
trends and advance sustainable, effective philanthropy.
Who We Serve
Charities –
Charities looking to expand their
participation in workplace giving and employee
engagement programs through membership in one
of America’s Charities’ four federations: America’s
Charities, Children First – America’s Charities,
Health First – America’s Charities, or Community
First – America’s Charities of Greater Washington,
Some 140 national and local charities across the
United States are America’s Charities members.
These organizations help millions of people in
thousands of communities every day by providing a
broad range of critically-needed services to protect
and help children, promote health, ensure civil and
human rights, broaden educational opportunities and
protect animals and the environment.
Employers –
Employers seeking to launch or
revitalize workplace giving programs and meet
the challenges presented by our digital culture
to produce robust and meaningful employee
engagement programs strategically aligned with
broader social responsibility strategy.
Individual Donors –
Individual donors exploring ways
to connect with great causes and make a personal
Core Services
Generating unrestricted, renewable, sustainable
financial support for charities through workplace
giving and employee engagement programs.
Providing services to help charities participate in
federal, state and local government, university and
private sector workplace giving and engagement
Distributing funds to charities efficiently with a
commitment to transparency and accountability.
Consulting with employers on strategies and
solutions to achieve their philanthropic goals,
catalyze greater engagement and produce
meaningful and measurable impact.
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