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11th Annual Employer Luncheon
The 11th Annual Employer Luncheon was held at the
Washington Post Conference Center in Washington,
D.C. where prominent corporate citizens and
community leaders were recognized for their significant
workplace giving campaign accomplishments.
2013 award recipients were:
Employee Engagement Award –
Legal & General
; Giving Catalyst Award –
; Community
Commitment Award –
Lockheed Martin
– Information
Systems & Global Solutions; Corporate Coordinator of
the Year – Diahann Smith,
; and Ten Year Award –
Legal & General America
Better Business Bureau
Wise Giving Alliance
America’s Charities meets all 20 Charity Accountability
Standards of the
. Meeting
these standards means America’s Charities has
undergone a detailed review of its governance,
effectiveness, finances and solicitations and
informational materials.
“National charities that display the BBB Wise Giving
Alliance seal can do so with pride,” says Art Taylor,
President and CEO of the Alliance. “Not only are
they attesting to their organizations’ adherence to
sound standards, they are helping to increase donor
confidence and strengthen public trust in giving.”
Fall Workplace Giving Campaigns
— #InspiredGiving
For the 2013
fall campaign
season, America’s
Charities launched
This theme was
designed to
increase visibility
of our members, specifically in the Washington, D.C.
market where the largest CFC – CFC of the National
Capital Area – is conducted.
Facilitating our members
participation in workplace
giving programs resulted
in public and private sector
employees generating
almost $35 million to
America’s Charities,
Children First, Health First,
Community First, and
member charities in 2013.
We worked to amplify our members’ voice and visibility
through tradition print advertising, digital media and
leveraging our social media platforms (Facebook,
Twitter and LinkedIn).
Member Participation in
Campaign Events
We supported our member charities’ participation in
over 1,000 CFC, state/local, and private sector events.
For our members, participating in events helps raise
their profile and give them an opportunity to meet
with prospective employee-donors and inspire them
to give. Public sector events included those held at
Federal agencies such as Department of Commerce,
Department of Education, Pentagon, CIA, Homeland
Security, Treasury Department, Department of Health
and Human Services, NAVSEA, Library of Congress
and more.
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